• About Us

    Metamorphosis Energy Healing is a provider of Emotion Code Healing, Theta Healing and Plant Healing. These unique healing methods can help provide relief for physical, mental, social, and spiritual issues. We can help you to transform your life.


    If you are looking for more information on these healing methods, please read about them in the services section. If you are interested in booking in for a healing session, use our contact us section to get in touch.

  • Meet Shelley

    Metamorphosis Energy Healing is owned and led by Shelley Bickerton

    Shelley has been a massage therapist and pilates instructor for over 12 years. She received her Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from the New Zealand College of Massage in 2008. Around this time, Shelley began her spiritual journey after going through her own experiences of emotional turmoil. She was able to overcome these experiences and transform her life through energy healing. Eventually, Shelley completed training in Emotion Code Healing, Theta Healing and Plant Healing, so that she could offer these methods to her clients to help them improve their health and wellbeing. Shelley also has an affinity for gardening and herbalism and creates remedies for clients.

  • Our Services

    Emotion Code Healing

    The Emotion Code is a healing method in energy psychology. Energy can form habits that no longer serve you, it can get stuck so each time you trap an emotion you are getting stuck in the middle of that negative event you were experiencing, if you consciously do not process it, it stays within your body causing emotional and physical issues. It can be affected by your environment too. It even carries memories from your childhood and from when you were in the womb, and can be passed down through generations, just like our genes. You can even have energetic imprinting with you from previous lives, all of which are memories trapped in your subconscious mind and are the root cause of energy blockages. The emotion code is designed to show you how trapped emotions cause issues and to empower you to let go of these negative feelings. At Metamorphosis Energy Healing, we can help you identify your emotional baggage and release it.

    Theta Healing

    Theta healing is a meditation technique and a spiritual philosophy. It is not specific to one religion but accepting of them all as its purpose is getting closer to the creator, whomever you define this creator as. Through theta healing you can get closer to the creator by changing your brain wave cycle to include the theta state, allowing you to watch the creator create physical and emotional wellbeing. Then by working with the creator you can attain harmony in mind, body and spirit, allowing for improved physical and emotional wellbeing. At Metamorphosis Energy Healing, our practitioner will use this technique to connect to the creator of your belief to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts.

    Plant Healing

    Plant healing promotes the use of plants to nourish bodies back to physical, mental and spiritual wholeness. Plants contain pictures in their DNA of different parts of the human body that can remind you and your body of who you are. At Metamorphosis Energy Healing, our practitioner will consult with the plants to determine what you need and then create you individualized herbal remedies.

  • Price List

    Emotion Code Healing

    45 Minute Session - $100

    60 Minute Session - $120


    Follow Up 30 Minute Session - $50

    Theta Healing

    30 Minute Session - $60

    45 Minute Session - $80

    60 Minute Session - $100

    Plant Healing

    Price individually as needed.

    Please contact us for more information.

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  • Contact Us

    25 Tawa Road, Onehunga, Auckland
    021 944 892
With the high cost and inconvenience of no-shows and last minute cancellations we have reluctantly had to tighten up our booking policy.

Our cancellation policy for morning appointments is that there are no cancellation fees if you let us know by 10pm the day before otherwise there will be a cancellation fee of 50% if less than 16 hours notice is given and 100% for less than 2 hours notice.

For afternoon appointments there are no cancellation fees if you provide at least 4 hours notice otherwise there will be a 50% cancellation fee if less than 4 hours notice is given and 100% for less than 2 hours notice.